On Tuesday, 12th September, we went to a place called The DEEP on a home Education trip. I'd heard about it and I had a basic idea of what it was, but it wasn't much like I had imagined really, I thought it was a giant aquarium that you could walk through, all though there was a tunnel that did do that.

Me and my baby sister had a educational session booked in, her's was first and I had to sit through it... I did get a microscope to look at some shrimp with... that was fun... Okay moving on. There was an hour and 20 minutes between them and in that time we had lunch, that was nice... I was starving. Then it was mine, I think that they could've explained it better because it got difficult and I nearly give up but I got to draw on the table!! So overall mine was better.
Then we actually got to walk 'round the place and look at the exhibits, my favourite one was the jelly fish dome, the there was some amazing tanks, including one with a pair of Green Saw-fish, of whic…

Tour of Britain Stage 4


Tour of Britain!

Today a cycling event called Tour of Britain came through that village that I live in, Tour of Britan is the same as Tour De France but obviously is in England and Scotland. We don't really follow cycling so this wasn't like AMAZING but it wasn't something we would see everyday either. We've got quite a few pictures and some footage. Footage!

St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid Course

Yesterday, Calverton SJA unit set up a pet first aid course. I was the only cadet from my unit there so I didn't know anyone.

A PDSA veterinary nurse was there to teach us, which I was surprised at. I learned a lot of very interesting things there, Including where to find a pulse on a dog and different diseases that pets can develop and what affects they have. The CPR was interesting too.

There were different subjects such as poisoning, bloating, seizures and different stuff like that. The bloating one was my favourite, I always thought it was just a bit of air in the stomach, but no, with dogs their whole stomach can twist, blocking off the blood supply to other vital organs. This was one of the more relevant ones considering our dogs are deep chested and deep chested dogs are more likely to have this happen to them.

 The seizures were interesting as well, especially the video that she showed of some pets having seizures, the first one was shocking (It was a husky having a full b…

Blackberry Jam!

Yesterday I made my first ever blackberry jam! I made a post on it with the recipe on our Create, Make, Bake blog. We live backing onto woodland and so we have a lot of blackberry bushes so we decided I should make some jam with it! I've all ways been a fan of homemade jam and I love it when I see people on stalls selling homemade jam.

We have just picked more today for a blackberry and apple pie that i'm going to make later on.

Bug Handling

I like bugs (Hate spiders), I prefer animals though. Today Me, my wuss of a sister and my Nan went to Animal Ark for a bug handling session. I handled everything there except the cockroach, she got put away before I got a chance.

There were; Cockroaches, Millipedes, Stick insects, Crickets, Giant snails (which pooped on me 😒), and a Tarantula. I like Tarantulas but I hate spiders... OK.