Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rocky Road And Chocolate & Fudge Cookies

Over the last few days I have been busy baking chocolate & fudge cookies and rocky road. Both were a success, although I'd say that Grandad liked the Cookies more than the rocky road.

Here's a link for the recipes: Rocky RoadChocolate & Fudge cookies.

Beached Whales In New Zealand :(

As some might already know there has been an incident on the 9th of February where 416 whales were beached in New Zealand's Golden Bay, and so far about 75% of those whales have already died. Volunteers have come to help the surviving whales and have managed to re-float about 100 whales, yet some of those whales CAME BACK and were re-beached and some haven't returned.

But now they have to deal with all those that have died... OVER 300 WHALE BODIES!! These whales have an average length of 7.5 meters, so just imagine how they would do it... because I certainly can't. 😮😶 Dead whales also have the tendency to bloat up with gas and, uuuuuh, pop?

Golden bay has had many beaching due to the hooked shaped sand ring called 'Farewell spit' that goes into the Tasman sea which makes it difficult to get out of using the whales sense of navigation, echo location. In the last ten years, 9 mass beaching have occurred in the same location, this one included. Yet, this one is the biggest in Golden Bay, but not the biggest ever recorded. In 1918, Chatham Islands, 1,000 whales were stranded and in 1985, Auckland, 450 whales were stranded! This is one of the biggest though, but like I said NOT the biggest ever. Scientists have some of  their own theories, one includes solar storms interrupting the magnetic fields... but that's just a theory, a whale theory!

Monday, 6 February 2017

CHOCOLATE!!!!! And Also Birthday....!!!!

After 3 weeks of NO CHOCOLATE, limited processed food or sweets we are finally allowed to eat chocolate. It will only last 10 days though, and it started on my Birthday, the 3rd of February. Speaking of which, I got a huge 10 piece babushka doll set! I've got a little collection of babushka dolls (also known as Russian or nesting dolls) but this one is my favourite, the little baby one is SO SMALL! Although... I've got to be careful with the baby one... because I'll inhale it and I'll choke to death..... 😮!!! But anyway.... I also got a little measuring set for cup's, as a lot of the recipes I find measure in cups it will come in handy, but that's not the best part about them.... THEY'RE  A SET OF THREE BABUSHKAS!!! I also now have an emoji themed bed room.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sherwood Forest!

On Tuesday I went to Sherwood forest along with my ickle bickle tincy wincy teeny weeny baby sister, nanny, Emma, Nikki and Luke. We went or a long long walk, about 3.5 miles. Which was over our minimum distance a day for the #walk1000miles challenge (2.74). I used to go there a lot but now we don't go often at all, we've not even gone to the annual summer Robin Hood festival for a while

This is the path we walked! AS you can see, it was a long walk!

After we had walked around for a bit we went to the small play area for a bit. It was very easy to do, it was a while since I was last on it so yeah...

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I've been doing quite a lot of parkour lately, not only at the Team Katalyst group, but on a small skate park close to us. I think I'm DEFINITELY improving!!! I can now go up ramps 1 1/2 times my height no problem. I am still a bit iffy about going DOWN things though...  

Sunday, 8 January 2017

This Week's Round-Up!

I dont know if I am going to be doing a weekly round-up EVERY week, but this is THIS week's round-up:

On Sunday (New Years Day) was our first day of the #walk1000miles challenge and it went okay, coming in at about 3.85 miles (it only counts when you actually walk out the door to purposely walk, not just walking around the house)! Nothing interesting happens on Tuesday, just walking again.

BUT, on Wednesday it was my first day of parkour,and SJA after that.... AS WELL AS WALKING! Thursday was pretty bland, but walking as usual. Friday We went to watch the new film "Moana".... I REALLY LIKED THIS FILM! I even liked the music! And after the film Nikki came over and did our walk with us and then decided to have a sleep over which was cool. And so far I've walked 27.11 miles in the first week! Oh, and Jessica got her hair Dyed... AGAIN.

This is a Treecreeper.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Interesting Day Today

So earlier today myself and Jessica went to our first PARKOUR SESSION! It was honestly LOADS better than I thought, and the instructors were quite nice as well. I can do a lot more than I thought I could. There's a huge pit as well full of foam, so you could either jump off the baby ramp (like Jess did) or you could climb up to the high one (about 2m up), the first step is easy the second on too.... but the third is very hard to get on but it's worth it when you jump off!!!!

After we got home we didn't stay for long because we still needed to do our 3 miles for the Walk 1000 Miles Challenge, but we took a different route this time so it was WAY more interesting. We have aso been collecting sticks, OBVIOUSLY I AM WINNING!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!! No but seriously my sticks are taller than me... 😐💢 I feel so short while holding them.

And soon I will be going to cadets!!!! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!