Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Shepherd Place Farm Instead Of Prom.

Today, instead of going to a stinky prom, I went to Shepherd Place Farm! Only this time Alicia couldn't come and probably won't ever be coming again (She is going back to school, for some reason). Anyway, I had a great time, especially with the meerkats!

Yup! SO CUTE!!! They are adorable (smelly) SO CUUUUUUUTE (and smelly)! That's not all, I mean, it was the best part of the day, but they was more. :) 
We also cleaned out all the chickens! Sadly, one of the chickens has got a twisted spine, she was called Quasi, after Quasimodo. But they changed it to Sally. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Pokemon GO.... Yup.

By now I bet you all know about the fabled game, Pokemon Go. If not, Here you are.

Pokemon GO has recently been released into the UK, and it's mayhem. The actual Pokemon site crashed because of how many people want this game. And now, I have managed to get the game, I just got it this morning and I already have 35+ Pokemon, plus 3 eggs.

This game is a good way of getting gamers out and about, in the best way possible! I had researched a lot about the game so I had an easy time getting started, I knew all about Poke-stops, eggs, How to evolve, and all the rest, the game is constantly being updated, so plenty of new thing to explore. And there's no need to spend money, just work hard at the game and you will feel much better than cheating and buying all the stuff you want/need. This is a free game, available on Android and Iphone. Up until 2 days ago I had never got a phone, I didn't want or need one in fact, but I asked to get one JUST to play this game, and it is SO WORTH IT! And no, you cannot get it on any other devices other than Iphone or Android, sorry, trust me, I tried. But who knows, they might bring out another version of it on, say, Kindle fire, for example.

Here's how to download (well, how i downloaded it any way):

1.Go onto Google play on your Android or Iphone.

2.Search 'Pokemon GO'.

3.Press 'download' or 'install'.

4.If it pops up saying to download the APK file, do so. (It didn't with mine)

5. Enjoy! PS. Please note that I might of been lucky with registering so quickly, even though it took a full day for the Pokemon site to fix itself, don't worry if it says that the site is down. Just wait a day or 2, OR try getting up early to beat the traffic to the site ;).

In conclusion, Pokemon GO is a great game 100/10. Definatley worth downloading!

So, yeah, I am now officially a poke-geek! :3

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Shepherds Place Farm

Today we ( me, nanny, grandad, Alicia and my annoying sister) went to shepherd place farm, where we went for a hour volunteering session where we cleaned out some animals and got to stroke and hold some.

We started off with a painful trip there as there was a closed road where we needed to go and the sat nav wasn't helping... RECALCULATING! When we finally got there after our '20 minute trip' we immediately went to look at the ice-cream! Then a lady took me and Alicia around to do our thing, while grandad, nanny and AS (Annoying Sister) got ice-cream, cheeky things! >:( Anyway, we first set off to the first building containing Guinea-pigs, a Tortoise, Chicks,  more pinnea-gigs (Guinea-pigs)  and other things. We then went in the merekat enclosure we went in with them and cleaned up their poop. -_- But it was cool because I could touch one and they are so cute!!! We also went to see a few pigs and went into their pen too. And one is going on TV show soon apparently called '4 In A Bed' and another has already been on TV!

We then went home with Ice-cream, the end!

P.s. The farm is a really good experience. It's a nice little zoo/farm for youngsters!!! Go and try it for your self!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Flamingo Land!

Yesterday we went to Flamingo land! We had previously won V.I.P tickets to go there, but the tickets didn't do much except let us get in for free (which is amazing considering that it would have cost £100 or more to get in normally).

It took about 1 hour 40 mins to get there but when we did get there we immediately got on some rides, the first ride me and Grandad got on was the 'Velocity'  where we started off slowly and we stopped and then motorbike noise came on and we took off so unbelievably fast and a load of twists and turns later the ride finished, it was then I realised that this would be one fun day out!

Also, fun fact, the Velocity is the fastest coaster of its kind in the UK.

But, Jess, being the shortie she is, couldn't go on many of the fun rides.We then went to a ride called the 'Flip Flop' where, um, well, this:

Yeah, well, after THAT happened I wanted to curl up into a ball and hibernate for a year... but I decided to put that plan on hold and go a wet myself on more scary rides! Yay. We then went on the 'Navigator', which was similar to the Flip Flop but it felt safer as we were not suspended 7-10 metres in the air.

We then when and had a walk around the Zoo part where we saw Loins, Lemurs, White rhinos (of which are nearing extinction, I think), Zebras and Giraffes!

 We then went to wait for Katie Price to open the brad new attraction, we were stood there for about 1/2 a hour, we stared to get really mad so we decided to leave and go on some rides. Apparently she hurt her back so that's why she was so late. >:( I would of been nice to get a picture but we didn't even get to see her. But we enjoyed going on the rides instead!

We then found a ride that we could all go on, it was called 'Mumbo Jumbo' and even Jess was tall enough! It was actually very good, I was surprised she could go on it coz it was just as exciting a some of the rides she couldn't go on. The queue was stupid though, we where in it for 30 mins and, to make matters worse, we were stuck in front of some of the worst behaved kids evaahh! They made us look like angels they were that bad, they didn't even have adults with them which was so frustrating! Nanny and grandad snapped at then but they had that sort of attitude where after 10 seconds they were doing the EXACT SAME THING!!!

We also went to the Sea-lion show, it was amazing! And sooo funny!!! I don't need to say much because we have put in a couple of videos for you.

And this is a nice view of a ride :)
We also went on a CRAZY ride called the 'Kumali' which looks so scary!!! I instantly regretted it... but it was so fun I went on it again!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Secret Life of Pets

Today we went to the cinema to watch 'The Secret Life of Pets', I actually didn't mind it

Gotta be honest though, I hated Duke, one of the main characters. I thought he would be goofy and stuff when he was first introduced, nope.

It's where the main character Max, a dog, get a new roommate and they hate each other at first but them their collars are stolen by cats and they have to escape the animal control people, that's where the story begins :)

Image result for the secret life of pets

Friday, 24 June 2016

Horse Riding :)

So, yesterday, me, Jess, Alicia, Nikki, Luke, Emma, nanny and grandad went horse riding! (Well, not nanny, grandad and Emma), It will be a monthly thing.

So when we got there, I thought it would just be learning about horses and what NOT to do. But I wasn't expecting to actually get on a horse and go trotting! I have never been horse riding so this was a new thing... yay! I am also surprised that I got the biggest horse they had out, and her name was Willow.

Hopefully next time we get to go faster. PS. We have really fat heads with those helmets on -_-

Also, this week in St. John we 'mimicked' (is that the right word?) a car crash and I got to practise CPR.

Monday, 20 June 2016

3 New Rats :)

Now, I know I seem to be getting a lot of rats, but, today our 2 oldest ones (Yin and Yang) went to a better home where the nice lady there is not afraid at all of them and just took them out and cuddled them :3 I now have 5 rats O.O They are all well behaved

This is Lemon, she is a Creme Dumbo! She is around 2 months (we think)

This is Champagne, she is a Champagne Russian!!! She is a year old

This is also Champagne :)

This is Barley, she is a Wheaten Burmese! She is also around 2 months (again, we think, judging by their size)